Old news for some of our readers but we've heard that this video was re-mastered just recently so we are re-posting it. It's certainly well worthy of a re-post as these guys charge monstrous waves in France. Read the original text below.

Thomas Traversa recently hit the road for an epic journey to score one spot only, here are the words from StefVidéo who captured and edited the action:

"On 5 February, the weather in Bretagne was turning red with 45 knots of wind and waves at 8 meters 14 seconds period announced conditions worthy of a real storm. Finally, less violent than expected, a session beautiful and intense on the spot l’Ile aux Vaches for Thierry Belbeoc’h, Robin Goffinet, Fred Debuire and Thomas Traversa, the latter of whom especially drove all the way from Marseille (some 1200kms) to not miss this day! In images with StefVidéo, back on the highlights of this 5 February 2013 will certainly be remembered"