When quality meets a story the outcome is bound to be something special. Manuel Grafenauer and his girlfriend Amanda Beenen spent a long time in Cape Town this winter, the perfect opportunity to produce a video about her story and why she got into windsurfing. Well with a boyfriend who has the production of Gaining Grounds and Don't Let Go on his CV you certainly wouldn't expect anything less. Incredible shots, good music and a smooth cut, watch on and enjoy.


"WHY is a short movie about an unforeseeable change. Dutch windsurfer Amanda Beenen takes us back to the origin of her windsurf passion. In 2004, where this story starts, horse riding was her favourite thing to do. Back than it was very unlikely that she would ever live the life she is living now. A traumatic accident changed everything and her life turned in a totally different direction. Almost a decade later, it is clear to see that without this incident she would most probably still be horse riding and would have never put her feet into the straps of a windsurf board."