In the Autumn of 2012, Windsurfing Into the Unknown explored around the famous windsurfing and tourist town of Jericoacoara, Brazil, to see what kind of windsurfing spots they can find. Michael Rossmeier (Austria) and Philip Soltysiak (Canada) created a 4 episode series showcasing good spots to windsurf that are accessible from Jericoacoara. This is the second episode showing what wave sailing by “The Flag", the main launch in Jeri, is like.

We caught up with Phil Soltysiak for a few words about this video:


"The focus is on waves in this video because all the videos online from windsurfing in Jeri are very freestyle focused, so we wanted to show people a different side of what Jeri has to offer on a regular basis, but a side that for some reason doesn't receive much attention. As you can see in the video the conditions there are really easy to progress in wave sailing as there are no consequences for mistakes due to a sandy bottom and friendly wave".

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