The man behind the mic and the Pozo training diaries has a very important question to ask...

Ben Proffitt, in Gran Caanria in 2012.  Image credit PWA/JC.

"Well, it’s thirsty work and surely it deserves a couple of cold ones;)

"So if you want to help keep my vocal chords from drying up and don’t want to see a poor English guy go thirsty… you can now ‘Donate’ some money to buy me a pint.. or 2.. or 3!!

"Don’t worry I wont be spending it all on beer.. haha… the rest will get spent on bringing you more action and crashes from around the world …and if enough is raised maybe in getting some better camera equipment! …now that would be good

"Oh yeah.. and I’ve already been bought my first beer (actually about 20 if i was in Capetown.. ) So Big thanks to ‘Bart Ter Haar’ (from for the first round and the idea!

"Hopefully I can keep you entertained with the future Training Diaries.

"Cheers Ben"

You can donate to Ben's beer fund here.