Top Dutch speedsailor, Jurjen van der Noord signs to Mistral. After starting his windsurfing career with Mistral, Jurjen then spent 5 years racing with Starboard, but he now seems very happy to be returning to his original brand.

There's no doubt the Mistral boards sail well, but what would you choose? The more mainstream and trusted Starboard? Is it a risk for Jurjen to step across to Mistral do you think? The boards certainly work for Anders, but will they for him? What speed board would you choose if you could have any?

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This is what Jurjen will be riding this year...

Jurjen van der Noord

Mistral Speed 41: Sails 5.1 – 6.2

Mistral Speed 47: Sails 6.2 – 7.0

Mistral Speed 55: Sails 7.0 – 7.8

Mistral Slalom 112 or Screamer 110: Sails 7.0 – 8.6

Mistral Slalom 138 or Screamer 140: Sails 8.6- 9.6