Windsurfing access is back at Vargas beach, for now. Read more details from John Skye:

"I don't really know is the honest answer. It's all been sorted in that we can sail again, but its just a temporary solution. There are some windsurfers and kiters that are on it, to look for a long term solution. The problem is something to do with coastal laws vs the local council. The council for sure love the people coming and windsurfing, but the coastal law states you cant be within a set distance of the beach. I am sure it will all work itself out, but I think the ultimate solution is a nice car park and those little wooden posts put up everywhere to control where you can drive. I don't think anyone needs to do anything now. for the moment it is all good. This is what I posted on facebook:

The demonstration for Vargas went really well and the Government have opened the beach for all watersports usage. I think it is a temporary solution whilst they work on a permanent project that will both protect the coastline AND allow watersports users to enjoy the beach at the same time. In the meantime we can go sailing again and looking ahead it looks like its going to be insane at the end of the week. Perfect GC forecast.

Philip Koester. Image credit Dani Miquel