Just a couple of weeks ago the World Performance Event took place in Japan at the spot known as Omaezaki Long Beach. Some of the worlds finest wave sailors, mainly from Maui, made the journey to these shores to take part in some pretty gnarly real-world conditions. The results are below and you can check out a very dramatic round-up video from the event.

Our sources who made the journey to Japan tell us that there is talk of a potential PWA tour stop there in the not too distant future. Now that could be a cool addition to the tour.

Check the video on the next page.

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 13.04.25

1st - E30 Alex Mussolini

2nd USA1 Graham Ezzy

3rd US113 Bernd Roediger

4th H101 Morgan Noireaux

5th J123 Masahiro Motohashi

6th A211 Francisco Goya