An interesting series will be dropping on Boardseeker over the next three weeks. We are sitting on the fence with this one as it is rare to see an attempt a sort of windsurfing documentary meets TV style series. So we'd rather gauge it from your reaction. Tell us what you think as the series unfolds. The first episode will come online tomorrow, stay tuned.

Confused and want to know more. Here is the spiel from the creator himself.

It took me 6 months to found the idea, to imagine a credible story and to write it, well 6 months during the nights because during the day I have a normal job.

Then, after writing the screenplay, I made the casting with some of my friends of the first Y but not all, it wasn't possible with the new story and I have choosen many new actors.

In the middle of June 2014, we began filming, I was writting the dialogues before each scene. The filming was from June to November, so again 6 months of work during our free time, week-end, nights etc ...with of course the editing of all the scenes filmed. This movie Y2 takes all my evenings and free time since nearly one year.

We just try to make it thanks to our passion of the windsurf.