Forward Loop Part 3

The Forward Loop PART 3:
The Pro Perspective

This is the last in our series on the forward loop.  This month we look at the forward loop through our new camera which allows you to see the move from a completely different perspective.  To finish off the series, we go on to check out some of the different styles of rotation of the Worlds top pros.



This perspective really demonstrates how important the hand position is, the hands are spread right apart and the front hand is back. It also re-iterates the fundamental of looking where you want to go, by looking back the rotation is made easier.

Lets hand over to Andy and he will talk you through the footage. Wise words from the looping machine!!!

Andy King

Ensure your front hand is in the overhand position, if it isn’t already.



Whilst still hooked in, look for a ramp. All you want is a foot high ramp to give you enough height.



Once you see the ramp, put your back hand way back down the boom.  Maintain a committed grip on the boom and then unhook and sink down.


Bear off a little as you approach the ramp to get full speed and to ease rotation.



As you take off, push your front hand forward and across you, this will guide the rig into the wind. Your aim is to change the mast angle to bring it over into the wind as you would do in a slam gybe or flare gybe. This controls the angle of rotation when doing a spin loop. Loosen your grip in your back hand, which allows the boom to slide through your hands so your back hand goes even further down the boom, towards the clamp (again, just as you would do in a slam/flare gybe).


You must also try to get the nose up and then expose the bottom of the board towards the wind by pushing down through your toes to give you a bit more lift. This also helps you tuck the board up for the next step.


Look at your back hand and sheet in as hard as you can whilst pulling your back knee right in close and extending your front leg.


Hold this position as you rotate.


Because you are looking at your back hand, first contact with the water will be with your back rather than your face or ears.



View video of this move:

Video Removed see our other videos on Mpora

Throw the rig up and sail away!


  • I always try to do a forward in a gust or when I am really powered up as it helps to whip me around faster.  If you do it in a lull, you will probably nose dive into the water!


To wrap-up this forward loop technique series, here are some examples of the the Worlds top pros in action.  Check out the variation in their styles!

Andre Paskowski G-2

A light wind forward, he throws his board up using the wave and then uses the weight of the board to resist against as he sheets in and rotates.  Rotation is slow due to the lack of wind and power in his sail.

  Video Removed see our other videos on Mpora
Kauli Seadi BRA-253

Slightly stronger wind, he sheets in super hard which makes for a very quick rotation, but doesnt have the height or time to sheet out prior to landing resulting in a hard splash.

  Video Removed see our other videos on Mpora
Victor Fernandez E-62

Perfect powered up conditions, like Kauli he sheets in super hard and due to the stronger wind has the time to sheet out before floating down to a planing finish.

  Video Removed see our other videos on Mpora
Bjorn Dunkerbeck E-11

Using the wave to send him skyward, he sheets in, keeping his body high and his weight above his equipment.  This puts him in a maintainable position, allowing him to ‘throw’ the forward at his leisure!  At the apex of the jump, he points his board well off the wind before sheeting in hard.

Peter Volwater H-24

Again, he uses the wave to fire him skyward whilst he eases himself above the kit and noticeably widens his grip allowing him to thow a fast stalled loop at the apex of the jump.  He lands hard but very upright.

Jonas Ceballos E-42

Fully maxed, he sheets in hard and launches into a big floaty jump, which enables him to kill the power in his rig.  At the apex of his jump he tucks up to the rig and lets the board drop below him, before sheeting in to initiate rotation.  Landing slightly under rotated ensures a soft safe landing.

  Video Removed see our other videos on Mpora


You now have all the info you need for the big move. So when you get out on the water – lets be having it! Keep us posted on the results and remember you can ask a Pro on the Pro Wednesday Forum every Wednesday afternoon.

If you would like a serious boost to your loops, amongst other moves, then book yourself onto one of Jem’s overseas coaching clinics. Jem has coached everyone from first time loopers to the likes of top pros John Skye and Chris Audsley.



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