Maybe it was the curse of the Editor or the forecast just wasn't up to it, but yesterday saw teasing winds in the Azores. Just enough to lure the competitors on the water but not quite enough to start competition. With gusty conditions it was deemed unfair to kick things off and so competition remained on standby throughout the whole of the second day. We catch up once again with multiple times youth World Champion Amado Vrieswijk to get a report on the day and also for his own top tips on how to stay planing from one gust to the next.


Over to Amado...

(for a brief account of day 2)

Today we had the skippers meeting at 9am, there was a good forecast predicted and the wind started to pick-up from 3pm, however, it didn't build beyond this and was not sufficient enough to start the races. I rigged my 8.6 Severne Reflex 5 and my starboard Isonic 110 and went out on the water. It was quite a pumping session and at 4:30pm it looked like the wind was picking up so I hit the water for a session with Chris Pressler and Aron Etmon. At the same time everybody was packing up for tomorrow because we will leave the beach with trucks and buses at 8 am.

Tips on how to stay planing in the gusts over the next 3 pages - read on.

Top Tips

Considering how light it was and with the knowledge of Amado's freestyle skills we are well aware that his early planing technique is up there with the best in the world. So we asked him for his top 3 tips to stay planing between the gusts, scroll through the next few pages to see them for yourself.

1 - Stand upright with straight arms and legs. Keep the sail closed and keep it upright to get the maximum power from of the wind.


2. Try to put pressure on the fin as constantly as possible, don't put too much pressure because you will cause a spin-out and not too little that you don't get any drive from it. It's best to practice this.


3. Don't move too much when your sailing on flat water because too much movement can disturb speed, planing and board trim.


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Photos - Eric BELLANDE