Getting Going

This monthly beginners section

will reiterate the key positions and moves of fundamental

windsurfing and will be a compliment for those of

you who have already, or should have, participated

on a Royal Yachting Association (RYA) Windsurfing

beginners course at a RYA recognised centre. (

You might now own a board, be borrowing or hiring one and

this monthly guide will help you along. Please take advantage

of the technique article, and both formats of the animated

/ movie sequence.

Approach the board from the opposite

side to the rig and haul yourself out of the water

with your hands on the CENTRELINE.

Establish the wind direction and with

your knees on the CENTRELINE grasp the uphaul rope.

Keep hold of the uphaul and get to your feet, on

the CENTRELINE. With bent knees and straight arms lift

the rig from the water using your legs and then working

hand over hand.

Reach out for the mast and grab it with both

hands below the boom, this is the SECURE POSITION.

Your knees should be bent with extended arms and

the rig flagging downwind, away from you, with your


Take your backhand off the mast and place by

your side.

Step back along the CENTRELINE with your back

foot. Front arm remains extended and in front of


Move your front foot back and turn it and your shoulders

to face forwards.

Draw the rig across your body with an extended front

arm to the BALANCE POINT.

Get ready for the power by bending your back leg,

to lower your hips, and then place your back hand on

the boom.

When comfortable place your front hand on the boom.

Well done you are now in the sailing position.

Power control – look forwards,

extend arms, drop hips to control more power and raise

hips when less power.

The key positions of SECURE POSITION and

BALANCE POINT, whilst staying on the CENTRELINE

will really make your transition into the SAILING

POSITION so much easier and more fluid. Try

to coach yourself or get a friend to help to

see if you are going through these stages and

assist you in achieving a good stance. Videoing

also really helps.

View video of this move:

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