The Grubby

The grubby is one of the

more simple sliding freestyle moves and has been

around for a couple of years now. As with most of

the moves there are lots of variations now. It is

akin to a Spock without a sail change. It

is made up of the FREESTYLE FUNDAMENTALS of staying over

the board, popping, look where you want to go, space away

from the rig.


move is very ably demonstrated by European freestyle sensation

Andre Paskowski G-2 (F2, North, Camaro)...

Taking good

speed from a beam reach start bearing away.

Coming onto a broad reach KEEP OVER

THE BOARD and get ready to POP by sinking down through

a bent back leg.

POP the board and you are aiming to throw the

tail as far downwind as possible. TIP: look at mastfoot


Stay over the board and keep pulling back leg up

under you and this drops nose to offer a sliding surface

you can pivot around.

Still focused on the mastfoot, and OVER THE BOARD,

you are landing and keeping the weight over your

front foot and your toeside.

After the initial sheeting in you now have to

extend the back arm and sheet the sail right out

whilst keeping your weight over your front foot and

your toeside. The tail is now as far downwind as

possible and you should be sliding backwards. WEIGHT


Continue extending and sliding and your weight will

slowly be transferring over your heelside. The nose

is now starting to come through the eye of the wind.

Looking through the sail may help orientate you, whilst

it also maintains WEIGHT FORWARD.

Nose is now through wind so you will be exiting

by sheeting in and continued weight transference to

heelside. TIP: Look behind you to assist sheeting in

and to bring weight outboards.

Board is now almost across wind and sail is sheeting

in as body moves outboard. Weight is fully over heels

as you as sinking down to resist sail power.

Claim it, you are now a happy bunny. Or go into

a gybe to do 540, duck the rig or drop a hand.

Let’s break the move down into achievable


  • Go downwind and pop the board aiming to

    get the tail as far downwind as possible.

  • With weight forward and back arm extended

    aim to slide backwards.

  • Recover the move and sheet in getting weight

    onto heels

  • Dry and fast sliding grubbies.

View video of this move:

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John Skye K-57

"My top tip for the grubby is to pull yourself

really close to the rig as you

enter the move, then really throw the rig away

from the body as you jump the

board around."

Ben Proffitt K-800

"Make sure your not absolutely stacked (over powered)

It's best to be slightly under powered if anything!

Also when you start getting the slide backward

you want to sheet out as far as you can until the

board has gone all the way round."

Phil Horrocks K-303

"Don't try it overpowered or you'll end up

doing a forward. To depower head more downwind."