The Slalom Gybe by Micah Buzianis

The high speed slalom gybe is made easier with flat water. However, you can make it easier on yourself if you are selective about the spot where you will gybe. If you are in a race and have to gybe around a buoy, then at least time it so you can initiate the turn off a swell. These next few tips should help you to control your gybes better and make them more efficient during a race.

Location: South Africa, Cape Town
Board: JP Slalom 114
Sail: Neil Pryde RS6 7.8
Wind: 12-22 knots
Water: Flat to small chop

Hot tips:

  • When race gybing, don’t lean your sail over too far, try to keep big movements to a minimum
  • If the water is really smooth, you can go from full speed and just bear off hard into your turn to cut some of your speed
  • Make sure you are finishing your gybe right at the mark
  • Bear off after you pass the mark to pick up speed quickly
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