Table Top Forward – Daida Moreno

The Table Top Forward

The Table-Top Forward loop is a very advanced move. It is a combination move that scores higher than a back loop or a push loop in competition, and is also a move that will get you a lot of respect on whichever beach you sail.

The prerequisites for this move are a decent ramp, a smallish sail, very solid table-tops and forward loops (moves that we will break down properly in the future). Also needed are control of both manouvers and awareness mid forward.

We got PWA Women’s’ Wave and Freestyle World champion to tell us how it is done. Over to you Daida Moreno…



Actually the Table-Top Forward is a “manouver” I
still have to work on. I only started throwing them a few
days before the PWA Lanzarote event this year. In any case,
I have been thinking of trying them for a while and since
I can do table-tops in port tack conditions I decided to
stop sticking to the same routine and start doing something

As in most jumps, speed and a good ramp are really important, so bear away to maximum speed and pick a steep ramp that is just about to break.



Flex your knees right before the jump (see ‘pop’ in the fundamentals section)



As you take off, start “kicking” the back leg really hard into the table-top, help this action with the hips and looking down with the head. Following your body with your head and hips really assists the kick. Fundamentals: LOOK where you want your body and board to go.


The stronger the “kick” with the back legs, the more tweaked the table-top becomes.


The hardest part I see is when you get to push for the forward; it is hard to calculate when to go for it. If you go for the forward to early you will tend to over rotate. If you go for the forward to late you will crash on your back.


To actually initiate the forward, you have to sheet in really hard (from being all the way sheeted out),


Continuing to look behind you and aiming to rotate up and over the front of the board, like you would do in a stalled forward loop.

You are now back into the standard forward position and can complete the move as you would for a forward.


Spot your landing over your back shoulder.


Touch down!


Video Removed see our other videos on Mpora

… So good luck with it and enjoy sailing! Hasta luego!


  • The most important thing is to go really downwind (especially when it is windy). This will help control the rotation and the loop will become more horizontal (As is also the case with standard forward loop).
  • Kick REALLY hard with the back leg



Over to our technique editor ‘Jem Hall’ to give you some pointers on how to get started:

Firstly, full respect to Daida as this is a solid move that would leave most men quaking like little boys. She rips: from first hand experience you think you’re sailing well at Pozo and doing a few stunts and then she comes past and rips through the move you were doing, but clew first. An inspiration to us all!


The relevant parts of the fundamentals section have been referred to and should you want to work towards this move we can break it down. So:

  1. Combo moves require height, as height equals time. The extra boost and therefore height these sailors get is from sailing fast through the break and then spotting a ramp, sinking down and really popping off the wave. speed + crouch + pop = height
  2. The tabletop can be built up to by gradually improving your tweaking through donkey kicks and working towards table-tops.
  3. Get out there and work those forwards; they don’t have to be huge, just go downwind and off a small ramp. The rotation is also improved by throwing hard through an extended front arm.
  4. If you are already forwarding then aim to get them faster and cleaner.
  5. Now you have the control and ability to table-top and forward, go for the table top forward!


  • Get height in your jumps
  • Work through donkey kicks towards table-tops
  • Improve your forwards, aiming to go faster and cleaner
  • Visualization and walking through the move will really help.
  • Bring your skills together, focus, believe and enjoy!
Andy King K-100

“You have to have a radical hand change in the air.  Keep them close for the table-top and then reach back as far as you can to initiate the forward.  If you dont do this, you table-top forwards turn into donkey kick forwards!.”

John Skye K-57

“Make sure that your sail stays high.  If your sail drops below the height of the board (as it sometimes does in a standard table-top, you will have a struggle to start rotating into the forward.”

Phil Horrocks K-303

“Unlike the standard table-top, you have to make sure that you take-off right off the wind.  If you dont do this, you will not rotate properly in your forward.”




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